Protect your valuable structural steel, machinery, and equipment from the sun, harsh chemicals, extremes of heat and cold, abrasive wind, corrosion and humidity and precipitation.

Industrial painting requires extensive planning, strict adherence to industry specifications, and meticulous attention to detail. We will work with you to design an optimal painting solution for your facility that prevents interruptions in your production schedule and doesn't break the our budget.

While painting is generally considered for aesthetic purposes, industrial facilities require more than just a pretty face. Harsh environmental conditions and daily wear and tear can damage your building and equipment, making it necessary for industrial coatings to do double duty. They must look great while also providing protection for your big investment.

Many industrial facilities require highly specialized coatings for certain areas. We have the proper training,equipment,and certifications to work on regulated facilities and the experience to ensure that your project meets all industry standards.

We've worked with industrial clients across a wide spectrum of industry and business types, including warehouses, communications, energy and utility companies, food preparation plants, piers and bridges, mining and agricultural business, water and sewage treatment plants, and many more. Our extensive hands on experience and product knowledge make us uniquely positioned to tackle many challenges

Involved in painting industrial facilities at Robert Munoz Painting.

Epoxy Steel Coatings

Epoxies provide optimum protection large/fine particle abrasion, turbulence,cavitation,corrosive fluids,high/low temperatures,impact and compressive forces. Epoxies are a great option for surfaces that need extra protection.

Corrosion Control Coatings

Steel,concrete,and other substrates are vulnerable to harsh environmental conditions and spills. The goal of corrosion control is to seal the substrate against damaging elements that cause oxidation and deterioration.

Steel structural Coatings

Steel is vulnerable to humidity,heat and corrosion. Steel structural Coatings enhance the cosmetic appearance of these components, while protecting them from their environmental surroundings.

Machinery and Equipment Coatings

It's essential to provide as much protection as possible for your equipment. With professional Coatings,your machinery will last longer with vital protection against the envy and operational residue.

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